What is the Morgan Hill Community Foundation All About?

The MHCF is all about consistently making a positive impact on the lives of those in our community. We connect donors, resources, volunteers and projects together by providing a unique way for even the smallest financial donor to make a lasting difference, while allowing like-minded investors to pool their resources.

We believe that the notion of "Give Where You Live" is a powerful motivator because results are tangible, visible, and more lasting for both those who give help and those who receive it.

You can see our work in action in many recent programs that we have funded and are supporting:


The MHCF hosted its annual philanthropy celebration on November 9, 2012. At the event it awarded a $10,000 grant to Community Solutions, which will use the funds to support 30 workshops to teach parents, young children, and teens about preventing family violence.


The Friends of the Morgan Hill Senior Center (FMHSC), which is part of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation family, is made up of volunteers who are committed to raising money to sustain, group, and develop Morgan Hill's Centennial Recreation Senior Center. The group's work makes possible items such as sustaining hours of operation, funding programs, and adding new services. FMHSC's most significant donation to date was an $8,800 grant awarded in October 2012, to the Centennial Recreation Senior Center.


The Morgan Hill Library Foundation, also an alliance partner within the Morgan Hill Community Foundation, works diligently to fund our local library's needs. It recently earned a $100,000 grant that is being applied to the "Smart Investing @ Your Library" program across the Santa Clara County Library System, including the Morgan Hill Library. The program's goals include: (1) increasing the reference staff's knowledge and confidence in conducting reference transactions on investments and financial planning; (2) upgrading the library's core collection to provide patrons with the highest quality financial information available; (3) designing and providing a series of "Smart Investing" programs that meet library patrons' needs.


The MHCF also funded six programs in its spring 2012 grant cycle, which awarded $5,000 divided between six local non profits working in a range of areas within Morgan Hill. The grant recipients are applying the funds to several programs touching as many as 450 individuals directly. The projects include:

- Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, which helps fund academic tutoring, summer camps, fine arts lessons, and enrichment for local foster children.
- Community Law Enforcement, which provides funding for the "Parent Project," a nation-wide parenting skills program for parents with strong-willed out-of-control adolescents engaging in destructive behaviors.
- Learning & Loving Education Center, which funds printing and reproduction expenses for literacy classes, personal finance workshops, and technology training for women and children.
- Community Solutions, which will use the grant to augment the Enrichment Fund that provides specific assistance to clients through youth support services and mental health programs.
- Silicon Valley Education Foundation, which funds materials and training for the "Stepping Up to Algebra" program, an intensive, four-week summer course for traditionally underserved youth.
- Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center, which funds hands-on wildlife education classroom programs in Morgan Hill's elementary schools.

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